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Are you guys trying to be funny? Your routine isn't really working for me... ash1.wav
Counter Attack! ash2.wav
Do you know anybody who says 'radical' anymore? ash3.wav
That's right, I hereby declare to the pokémon of the world, I will become the greatest pokémon trainer, the greatest pokémon master...... of all time! ash4.zip
Let's Boogie! ash5.wav
Pikachu, go! ash6.wav
Pikachu, thundershock now! ash7.wav
Pokéball, go! ash8.wav
Well, she's now really my type..... ash9.wav
Yes! We got pidgeotto! ash10.wav
Scrawny? Real Scrawny! Ow.... ash11.wav
Charmander, I choose you........ choosechar.wav


I don't care, I'm desperate brock1.wav
Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut! brock2.wav
She's beautiful....... brock3.wav
So, who're the girls? brock4.wav
That was really disturbing..... brock5.wav
What can I say? I'm a great cook...... brock6.wav
This one's the most beautiful one yet... they're all exactly alike brock7.zip
Geodude, go!.......... geo dude, dude brock8.zip


Why don't you check out our website? james.wav
Drat! We wasted this episode cheering the good guy... james2.wav
I want a donut! james3.wav
Uh.. It's a tentacruel world.. james4.wav
We'd like to thank all of our fans for their loyalty and support james5.wav


Those aren't squirtles, they're piggles...... jesse.wav
Ahhh! We super-sized it! jesse2.wav
We're not worthy........ jesse3.wav


Don't ever raise your voice to my again you bad human! Bad human, bad bad human! meowth.wav
I'm the designated survivor so both of you better hold on tight! meowth2.wav
Yay! Yay! We're gonna have a picnic.... meowth3.wav
We're gonna make a million! meowth4.wav
Meowth. meowth5.wav
And they're on their way to the Pokémon centre. meowth6.wav
Team Rocket is really slipping. meowth7.wav
I wonder if it's possible to get traded to a less embarassing team. meowth8.wav
I hate water, especially wet water! meowth9.wav

Misc. Team Rocket

James explaining his magical weapon fishing_net.zip
Team Rocket's Song (Jigglypuff Episode) rocketsong.zip
Team Rocket's Intro (Japenese) trintojap.zip
Team Rocket's Intro (American) trintro.zip
Team Rocket Mockery (Episode with Duplica) trmock.zip
Team Rocket's Song (Japenese) trthemejap.zip
Team Rocket getting fried by Pikachu in a helicopter. whats_that.zip


Ash, have you gotten us lost again? misty.wav
Pokéball...... go! misty2.wav
Seel Seel... Seel Seel...... misty3.wav
Let's go psyduck! Psy yi yi.... misty4.zip


Bulbasaur! bulbasaur.wav
Chansey.... chansey.wav
Charmander.... char1.wav
Char! Char! Mander! char2.wav
Clefairy Chant.... clefairychant.wav
Cubone bone! cubone.wav
Dragonite's call..... dragon.wav
Drowzee....... drowzee.wav
Geodude! geodude.wav
Dude! Geo Dude! geodude2.wav
Gastly! gastly.wav
Mon Chan! hitmonchan.wav
Hypno.... hypno.wav
Jigglypuff! jigglypuff.wav
Jigglypuff's Song.... jigglypuff2.zip
Kangaskhan kangas.wav
Machoke! machoke.wav
Karp! Karp! magik.wav
Mankey...... mankey.wav
Paras Paras Paras... paras.wav
Parasect! parasect.wav
Pri Pri Prime! primeape.wav
Psyduck Psyduck Psy.... psyduck.wav
Raaaichu! raichu.wav
Squirtle! squirtle1.wav
Hya........ (Staryu) staryu.wav
Tbreee....... (Togepy) togepy.wav
Tokair tokee (Togepy) togepy2.wav

Misc. Show Sounds

Opening theme to Pokémon OpeningTheme.zip
The Journey's Just Begun journey.zip
Who's that Pokémon? whosthat.wav
Battle between Pikachu and Kadabra thunderbolt.zip
Nurse Joy: Staying up late is bad for your skin, and it makes your irritable and it ruins your appetite nurse.zip


Kachuuuuuu! pikachu.wav
Pi ka chu... pikachu2.wav
piKachuuu! pikachu3.wav
Pi! Pi ka chu... pikachu4.wav
Piiii! pikachu5.wav
Pika Pika Pika..... pikachu6.zip
Pikachu.... pikachu7.zip
Pikachu! pikachu8.wav
Pika Chant.... Pikachant.zip
Big .wav with all pikachu sounds bigpikachu2.wav


Monday Pokérap PokeRap1.zip
Tuesday Pokérap PokeRap2.zip
Wednesday Pokérap PokeRap3.zip
Thursday Pokérap PokeRap4.zip
Friday Pokérap PokeRap5.zip

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